2023 Inspection

Our Estyn Inspection, in 2023, reported that Ely Presbyterian Church School is a nurturing Christian environment whose pupils embody the values of kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility highly successfully. It is a strong community, which unites pupils, parents and staff. Our policies are based on Christian values, which include a recognition of the authority of the law of the land, this means that our policies comply with relevant legislation whist safeguarding our ethos.

The Church School was inspected by Estyn, His Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales, during September 2023.

Here are some comments from the inspection report:

Nearly all pupils at the school are confident, articulate and comfortable speaking with staff about any worries they may have.

“Most pupils are intrinsically motivated and considerate of others, and show great pride in belonging to their school.”

“Pupils make at least suitable progress in their skill development and level of understanding as they progress through the school and nearly all pupils’ oracy skills are particularly well developed.”

“Teachers create an environment where every pupil feels safe and secure.”

“Leaders are compassionate and caring and their management of the school is effective. They are ambitious for all pupils, have high expectations of their staff and promote the school’s Christian vision with conviction. There is a strong sense of staff unity and everyone at the school works together in the pupils’ best interests.”