Our Aims

The aims of the Church School are dictated by Scripture, and particularly by the Theology of the Abrahamic Covenant. Covenant Theology unites believing Christian parents to their children in a relationship of faith. Consequently, the central aims of the Church School are redemptive. Every other aim is secondary.

Under the obligations laid upon members of the Covenant, obligations affirmed at the baptism of all covenant children, parents are responsible for the total upbringing of their children. Of necessity, this responsibility includes the formal education of covenant children: whether directly, by the parents; or indirectly by delegation to those who are qualified to discharge these theological aims. It has been in order to facilitate this delegation of responsibility that the Eldership has established the Church School.

The aims of the Church School are:

  1. To make children aware that they live in and are part of the Creation of God, Who is the Fount and Source of all knowledge.
  2. To acquaint them with the revelation of God’s purpose in the Scriptures and His love in the person and work of our Lord Jesus, through Whom alone mankind can be redeemed.
  3. To equip children to realise their full potential and to use their capabilities and energies according to the highest moral principles and noblest aspirations.
  4. To provide as comprehensive an education as resources allow so that, for example, career needs will be met.
  5. To create a truly Christian context in which and through which, children may learn and develop.